Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Children's Book "Just Add Once Chinese Sister"

I have borrowed the book “Just Add One Chinese Sister” from the library for my daughter and I to read together. It is about a mother who is making a memory book for her daughter who is still very little about her adoption story. It also has the big brother's perspective about what things were like and what happened. Allie fell in love with the page that was about traveling to China to pick up their baby. She liked that page because it had a map of China and since South Korea is so close by it was also on the map, labeled and everything. I was able to tell her that in the book their baby came from China, and ours will come from South Korea and show her the picture. She kissed Korea on the map and got tears in her eyes. I asked what was wrong and she said that she misses our baby. We have a long time to wait, but it is nice to see that she already has feelings for her new sibling.
After we finished the book she went back to that page layed down on the couch and stared at it a long time. She fell asleep with the book on her chest. Here is the picture I had to take. You can see South Korea in the upper right corner of the map.