Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Study Scheduled

All of our references were in on November 8th. Just a few days short of two months. We were hoping that they would have been in sooner but one got lost somewhere along the line and had to be redone and another just took a while.
We received a phone message from our social worker on Saturday Nov. 15th. I finally caught up with her on the phone today and scheduled our home study for the afternoon of the 24th and the evening of the 25th. Each visit she will be here for two hours.
She wanted to do it sooner and wants to get it completed right away. She suggested that she come tonight which would have been OK with me but John thought we should at least vacuum before she comes. I am sure we will be cleaning a bit more than that. Ethan came down with a bad cold today and had a bit of a rough night with a fever as well.
So that means next week will be a busy one. Home study Monday and Tuesday and hosting Thanksgiving on Friday. We will also be getting our flu shots next week!
At least the home study will be finished before Thanksgiving, which is nice!

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