Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We've been told to expect a Boy.

The monthly updates from Holt have told us to expect a boy. (most likely) While we are open to either there are some families that can choose a girl. They either have two boys at home already, or are Korean born Americans. There are many families in the process at this point that fit this profile.
Another reason is that domestic adoption is picking up in South Korea. Yet they are mainly adopting healthy girls. Girls when they marry in South Korea are added to the family registry of the male so it does not matter what their family history is. Yet males have no family registry to belong to because of being born out of wedlock or in other circumstances that do not allow them to be added to a family registry because of older South Korean rules. South Korea is slowly changing this but it takes time. So boys are still not considered as often for adopton in South Korea at this point.
China seems to have more girls because there is a rule they can only have one child and they want it to be a boy so that they can take care of the family when they are older. Yet Korea does not have this rule. Because of these two circumstances, South Korea's domestic adoption of healthy girls increasing, and the list of families that are waiting for girls specifically growing, there are less and less healthy girl babies going through the adoption system. Since the line and wait for those requesting girl babies is longer and growing and the adoption of girls picking up in South Korea, they have told families that are waiting for either boy or girl, that they better expect a boy referral. Does this mean we are having a boy? Maybe, most likely. We are setting our minds that way, but it still does not rule out a girl because it all depends on the circumstances. What we listed we were open to on the medical checklist, and if a child matches that. Yet the chances for a boy are much much higher than the chances for a girl.
So think blue!

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