Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Glad to report we are all healthy again. We survived a round of RSV that went thought the whole house. Jack was on a nebulizer to deal with that. He also had a round of Roseola, and finally after three rounds of antibiotics for ear infections, finally has healthy ears again.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day we had the kids wear their red soccer jerseys. The two older ones are wearing Korea Jerseys we got for them in Korea. We also went to church and made a conversation heart box. Inside a hearts that have faith discussion questions to ask our children once a week during Lent. I can't believe it is Ash Wednesday already this week! Time is flying by!
Jack is doing great as far as attachment. He is really an easy going guy. He gets shy around people when they first come over to our house and stays close to mom but it doesn't take more than a few minutes before he is playing like usual. He is so happy!
He says the words, A ball, bye bye, hi five, dada, just started to say mama, says baba for bottle, and is working hard on Book. He currently says the "b" and the "ck' a bit later, which makes us all laugh.
He sleeps in his crib now at night and I have been able to sleep in my room all night long a few times. He actually sleeps more soundly without my extra movement and noises. He still wakes once a night for a bottle which is a lot better than the twice a night he was doing in Korea. Our older son still wakes at night so getting up once for Jack is so not a big deal for us. He may stir other times at night but goes back to sleep easily if I am not in the room making noise as well.
He likes to play with his brother and sister and is happy to see them when he wakes up in the morning and from naps. They make him smile, and he likes to give them hugs. Sometimes when they get a bit too wild he will just crawl away to play by himself in another room. He can play independently for quite a while, just happily playing with trains, balls, blocks or other toys.
His birthday is coming up next month. I am busy planning his party and inviting everyone to come to meet Jack for the first time if they have not already. I am thinking it will be on Saturday March 20th, so if you are friends, or family, that live close by mark it on your calendar. More details will come soon.
For now enjoy our V-day pics!



JulieM said...

Soooo cute! It has been fun keeping tabs on your sweet family! So glad attachment is going well hopefully you can have a little break from all the sickness for awhile! Come on spring!

Megan said...

Congrats on bringing your little guy home!! Another Korean American to our great state, yahoo!! Your family is adorable, I had fun going through the pics of the last few posts. It is wonderful to see your answer to attachment and bonding! We can't wait for summer either! Congrats again!