Monday, August 31, 2009

Acceptance Paperwork

Our acceptance paperwork is all in. We mailed it on Saturday so it should be at the office in Oregon on Tuesday. There was 110+ pieces of paper. Copies of documents and forms we have filled out. Think... South Korea is actually a country that requires less paperwork than other countries. So I really feel for those who have to do even more. The paperwork part is stressful. You fear forgetting something or making a mistake. There is so much, there is bound to be something missed. It is not uncommon for signatures to be forgotten on certain documents causing things to be done over again. Organizing it all is difficult. But hopefully we are past that for now. We will have more documents to do but they are a few weeks away. For now we wait.
This is what our table looked like while we were filling out documents. Honestly this was at the beginning and it got worse as we went on. The big binder is what we keep and organize everything we fill out in. We have copies of every form and document we have sent in case for some reason they get lost or misplaced by the agency here, or possibly in Korea, or lost in the mail. Most forms require originals so we will have to do them over if they are lost but if we have a copy they will be easier to do. Also we know what we sent where when because we put post-it notes on the outside of every plastic sleeve and put the copies of the documents in that sleeve.
Now we are waiting on Jack's legal documents. This could take a month. Then we get to do more immigration paperwork. A form called the I-600 that we turn in at the USCIS office. Hopefully they will make a speedy approval. Yet a friend of mine who recently filed hers waited a whole six weeks for it to be approved. So honestly that is what I am expecting.

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