Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updated Photo!

We received an updated photo of Jack today. I had Allie click to open the pic. We were surprised on how big he looks already. Allie loves his naturally spiked hair.
We are just waiting now to get the acceptance paperwork notarized. It has to be a week after he turns 5 months which is about a week away. All the paperwork if filled out at least for this step, just waiting for the notery date. Just to give you an idea of how much we are sending. There is a total of over 100 pages that we have printed out. Some neede to be filled out. Some are Tax Info, and copies of birth certificates and such. Yet lots to keep track of and fill out keep organized and get noterized.
There will be more paperwork to do in about a month when we receive his legal documents. That is when we start the US immigration paperwork.
That is all for now! Enjoy the picture. The second is the same picture just cropped. Oh and that is a Mongolian spot on his ankle. It is on his medical paperwork, so we know it is not a bruise or anything.




Jeanna said...

Just adorable! Those cheeks and hair. <3

Dale said...

Precious !!