Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waiting for Jack #2

Jack turned 7 months on Monday. I guess I figured, while we waited, we would get some illness out of the way. On Monday I was just starting to get over a battle with what I believe was H1N1 and Ethan was on day 2 of his round with the illness. We were in survival mode mostly and I thought to myself how thankful I was that Jack wasn't home yet, to be around all this sickness. H1N1 is around in Korea too and actually when you travel to Korea they are currently asking you health questions, and taking your temperature, before you enter the country. They have also called some travelers mid-trip to ask about their health status. They are trying to control the spread of H1N1 there, and like here in the U.S., it too has been related to deaths in their country.
I am hoping what I had was H1N1. For one, I won't have to worry about getting it while we travel. When I am all better, I will get my flu shot, if one is available, and hopefully be set. John and Allie ended up with nothing but a stuffy nose from the whole ordeal so far. They were popping vitamins the whole time we were sick so we are thankful that they have not been dealing with this virus like we have.
I did make some progress on Jack's room. Not done yet, a few more projects to go, but here is a sneak peak anyway. We are using a puzzle theme.

These are pieces from a giant floor puzzle that we painted or covered with scrapbook paper.

I bought some wood and cut out some large puzzle pieces of my own. I stained them and painted the edge of two. I covered the edge of the one in the middle with scrapbook paper. I then put hooks on the pieces so we can hang things. Allie has three flowers with hooks in her room and Ethan has three stars that have hooks. I couldn't find wall decore puzzle pieces, at a good price anyway, so I made my own. I was happy with how they turned out!

Jack's letters are from Hobby Lobby, they are actually a cardboard type material, I then covered them with Scrapbook paper. The puzzle pieces on each side give it a nice touch I think.

That is all you get to see for now. You will have to wait for the rest. Feel free to look back to a July post to see some other artwork and such that will be in the room.

Jack, I hope you like your room!


Nichole said...

What a great idea for Jack's room! I love your creativity with those puzzle pieces. I hope every one in your house is feeling better soon!

Kim said...

I love the puzzle theme! I am sure he will love it!