Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jack the Climber and Explorer

Although Jack can not walk independently yet, he can climb everything. We have found him in a few interesting places. He is quick and we have to keep an eye on him. One thing we have found is that he enjoys playing in the potty. We have to keep the lid down and the door shut. Just the lid down does no good because he explores the TP roll and last week we even found him on the back of the toilet. Not on top of the seat, but on top of the tank!!! hands against the wall. CRAZY! He is an engineer like John, he already is a big problem solver and can configure things to get what he wants. For example I was folding laundry on the floor in our bedroom, Jack was down on the floor with me and John and the two older kids were on the bed watching a movie. He wanted up on the bed but we wanted him to stay on the floor with me because he likes to dive off the bed still at this point. Well.. this little engineer, not walking yet like I said, and only 12 months old, takes the laundry basket, tips it over, pushes it across the room to the side of the bed and climbs up on top so he can get up on the bed. Like I said we are so in trouble.
Well keeping the potty door closed works pretty well, except for this morning. This morning we were getting ready to head out the door to Allie's first soccer game of the season. We were to the point of just heading towards the back door. I walked down the hallway to the garage door and noticed the bathroom door was open. I peeked in, and instantly ran for the camera. Here is what I saw.


No babies were harmed in the taking of this picture. He may look in an uncomfortable position but you are looking at a boy who can do the splits, and put his feet behind his ears no problem. He even headed down a park slide on his tummy, one foot straight down the slide first, the other by his head. Smiling the whole way. Boy is our boy flexible. By the way the toilet had been reciently flushed so although cleanup was untimely since we were just headed out the door, it could have been much much worse.


JimandJackie said...

I LOVE that he is happy! My Parker climbs like this too. but cries if he ends up in a mess! You do have your hands full but with a total cutie!!!

Nichole said...

Our boys need to spend some time together. Mason isn't walking yet either - yet has no problems climbing any sort of furniture. And he loves the toilet too - a few weeks ago my *darling* brother taught him how to flush! Ug.