Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jack has his Immigration permit!

We are three for three for trips! We took a trip at the beginning of August and got our referral, we took another one at the end of August and got a nice WBC report while we traveled and yesterday while traveling to the cities for our yearly get away/John's work trip to the MOA area we got an email! We were eating at Outback Steakhouse one of John's favorite places and I told him to check his email on his phone. I added... “It would be nice if you could find an email about Jack's EP or a picture or something.” and he said “OK how about EP” and he smiled!

The email stated that we actually have had notification of EP since 10/27 but it was delayed being sent to us since since Mrs. Lee in Korea, who usually sends them, was out of the office recivering from surgery for apendicitis. We actually knew of her illness already so we were not upset at all. Everyone says Mrs. Lee is the best in the world at what she does and we will most likely get to meet her when we got to get Jack! We are happy she was able to recover.

We expect to have word that our P3 or (Packet 3) has been sent from the US embassy in Korea to the HOLT Korea adoption agency to be completed. It takes average about one month from what i have seen on other's timelines for P3 to be completed. That is when the Visa Interview (which is not really an interview) is set up for them to review all the information, then most people get a call within days of that interview. So... This may mean that we are traveling late Nov, or early Dec. if all the cards fall right. If we have to sign a waiver for any medical conditions it could take two or so weeks longer. But still this puts us before Christmas like we hoped!

Only time will tell! But he has permission to leave the country!

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Nichole said...

How exciting - every day is one day closer to bringing him home.