Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waiting for Jack #3

Plugging along on Jack's room. I was in love with a bookshelf I had seen in another nursery picture, so I told John I wanted one for Jack's room. I searched all over and was able to find it on Ebay in a couple listings. One was a guy in the cities who made them. I contacted him and he said we would not have to pay shipping if we picked it up. This was our best bet since we were going to the cities anyway. The other listing was from Pottery Barn so we all know what the price was like on that one. John finally took a look at the shelf and decided, because of the fact that wood was on sale last week, that he would make it himself. So $60 later we have the bookshelf I wanted. Ended up costing around $90 less than the one we were considering picking up in the cities. Sorry, I get excited when we save money on things like this. I am so grateful for my handy hubby! He has even started to stain it now, a job he originally said was mine, but he volunteered to do once the shelf was built. Here are some pictures of John's building the shelf for Jack. We hope he likes it. I joked with John saying that Jack can take it with him to college and when he gets married etc.



The back is not attached yet because it is easier to stain and finish it that way other wise good to go!


Flip-flop Mama said...

love the bookshelf! You are getting so close to bringing Jack home!!

Nichole said...

You bet he can take it with him when he goes off to college :). Mason is looking forward to meeting his new little (linebacker) friend.