Friday, November 6, 2009

We have Packet 3

I called DC this morning and they told me P3 was sent out yesterday!!!!
You know all the paperwork we had to do to get this far? Well it is their turn. Holt Korea was sent a packet to fill out from the US Embassy in Seoul. It is the packet that ties up all the loose ends so to speak. Sometime between now and when the packet is complete Jack will have his Visa Physical. We will never see this packet, but once it is completed, Jack's Visa Interview is scheduled and we should receive TC right after that. It seems like it has been about one month give or take a week from P3 to the Visa Interview for other families in the process. Some people get a travel call within days of VI some actually the day of or I have even seen the day before.
To me right now I am feeling like 4 weeks is going to be so fast!!! But ask me again in two weeks. I don't think that the wait gets harder the closer to TC you get, like some say, but I do think it gets more stressful the closer you get. Maybe that is what they mean. Well... time to really dig deep and baby proof the house again. I’ve got to go through the kids toys and put away all the choking hazards and it is time to put safety plugs in all the outlets again.
I broke down and started buying things we need like bibs and bottles and I am even starting to think of buying some formula. It’s Jack Jack time.

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