Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 6mo. Jack!

Jack has turned 6 months old. I was worried about being sad on that day but we had a busy day so it was hard to find time to be sad. It was a great day as well. Here is what we did.
We all went to our daughter's morning soccer game. She had fun this time; she didn't enjoy herself too much the last two games. Dad is the coach so he was happy she was happy. Grandpa came to watch too.
Then we headed to the Olive Garden for Lunch. Everyone was happy, well behaved, and ate a ton of pasta! It was a nice lunch.
Then after the carb load we all headed home for an afternoon nap. After the snooze we went to a block party in the middle of town. My band was playing a show there and the kids had fun playing and running around with the kids in that neighborhood while dad ran sound and mom sang songs. Grandma and Grandpa H. came to listen and help out with the kids as well.
After the show the four of us headed home. Dad and daughter took a jog/bike ride around the neighborhood, while Mom and Son set up blankets and pillows out on the deck to lie down and watch the stars. When Dad and daughter came home they joined us on the deck with telescope, binoculars and a bag of microwave popcorn. We hung out under the stars until bedtime. It was a wonderful evening and a wonderful day!
Happy 6mo. Jack. I can't wait until you can watch the stars with us!

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