Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is Jack Like???

We got new info on Jack today! It was info that was gathered sometime between Aug 10th when they have his weight written, and Aug 28th when the report was written by his social worker. So we are going with 6mo old for sure.

What great and awesome info. I feel very blessed because there are some families that do not get this info. They usually do an updated Child report a few months after a child is placed with a new foster family. Jack was born outside of Seoul and then trasferred to a new foster family in Seoul, where we will be traveling to pick him up. He is living with his second foster family since birth. He stayed with the first until he was 4 months old and has been with his second family now since then and will still be when we pick him up. They do an updated report to see how the second placement is going. Since he is now older there is so much more information about him! I cannot believe it! Are you ready??? Here you go!!!

Jack loves to take baths! He is not shy with strangers. He recognizes the faces of his foster family. He also loves to go outside! Feels refreshed and screams in joy when he is carried on back. (I am guessing they mean in a carrier since they are very popular in Korean culture, even for big babies!) It also says he mixes well with peers, seeks out other children and babbles at them. He is described as a cute and alert little boy with a bright and mild character. He laughs loudly when his foster mother covers her face and plays peek-a-boo. He has been healthy and has had no medical concerns since leaving the hospital after his birth.
His foster mother calls him “Gyeong-min-a” which it is noted that he responds to, usually with a big smile. The “a” at the end of a name is common for baby nick names in Korea. Kind of like the way we added a “y” sound to the end of Ethan and called him Ethey.
Right now it says he sleeps from 10:00pm to 6:00am and wakes up twice at dawn for feedings. He also takes two naps a day for an hour each. Likes it dark to sleep and sleeps on the floor with his Foster mother. He often moves around looking for cool places during the night. He has some trouble going to sleep on his own and is usually carried and patted to sleep. Once he is asleep, noises do not bother him and he sleeps well regardless of noise.
If he is laid on his back he lifts up his buttocks high and pushes to his tummy. On his tummy he happily spins in circles and moves up and down by pushing with his arms. It says he sits up briefly leaning against the sofa and keeps standing with good force in legs. It says he puts his fists in his mouth and sucks them while drooling much. Laughs and giggles when he feels good. Babbles much. Does not use a pacifier, a little different than what we are used to. Says he has 2BM’s a day and drinks milk based formula and never spits up, but burps well.
Well as you can see we are on cloud 9 with this information. Loving every minute of it! We also know the ages of his foster family members and who is living in his home.
Things may change when we turn his little world upside down but it nice to have a glimpse at the sweet happy boy that will be joining our lives!


Kim said...

Great info! Our daughter was moved to Seoul also about a month ago, I really hope we get update info too!

Sundvold Chad and Amber said...

Very cool to know all that about your future son! Thanks for sharing. :) Amber