Friday, September 18, 2009

Timeline revisited.

I did write a post a while back outlining the timeline for the process. I think it is time once again to go over what needs to happen between now and Jack!

6) receive legal documents for the specific child (this happened last week)
7) File I600 with immigration (we filed last week, it can take 2-6 weeks for approval)
8) I600 approval goes to National Visa Center where it is logged in and logged out) (this part takes about a week or two)
9) Receive Emmigration Permit,permission from the Korean government for our child to leave the county.(this actually is what is happening in Korea now, we may get this in the next 4 weeks)
10) Embassy requests packet of info from agency to complete visa, also known as P3. (This doesn't happen until steps 6-9 are complete)
11) Get visa interview (Kind of an unkown, maybe a month)
12) Get our travel call(within 2 or 3 days of step 11)

So the steps we will post about are.
EP (immagration permit from Korea)
I600 (permission for VISA US side)
NVC in date (Natioal Visa Center in DC)
NVC out date
P3 (packet 3 that is sent to and completed in Korea, not by us)
Visa Physical
has to happen before Visa interview but can happen anytime.
VI (visa interview) which is not an actual interview for babies but just when their files are processed.

And if you are not confussed now you should be.
So if you print off the above bold list and keep checking things off you will have somewhat of an idea of how close we are getting. All this still needs to happen before Jack comes home. It is quite a bit and it is never strictly cronological as far as time goes. There are too many variables on both sides, too much paperwork to be processed. There are so many steps that something can get lost or mistakes can be made so prayers for smooth processing at this time would be helpful.

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