Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Legals!!! and WBC

Yesterday was an exciting day. We received Jack's legal documents in the mail. So we were able to finish our I600 application for USCIS and send it off. We now have to wait for approval for that which takes 2-6 weeks. It did take a full 6 weeks for a friend of mine in town that just recently went through this step so that is what we expect.

We also got a new Well Baby Check (WBC) yesterday Jack is now 22.4 lbs. His physical appearance is described as "cute and smile" We already knew the cute part.
He drinks almost 7oz of formula every three to four hours so that may explain the 22.4lbs, but he is also 28 inches which sounds huge to me. He is rolling over, laughing, reaching for and holding objects, and assessed to be at a 5-6 month level. Right on target!

Our friend here in town who is also in the process we hope is traveling soon. We have asked her to bring Jack a care package for us. She will not be able to meet Jack but can just save us shipping cost by delivering our package to HOLT Korea. We are sending Jack a blanket with a teddy bear head, and a Sassy baby photo album with photos of our family. I am also planning on sending a disposable camera so they can take some extra pictures for us of Jack. We can get the camera back when we go to get him and develop it here, but he may not have many photos from when he is little so this will help some.

Here are some of the family pictures we are sending to him in his baby album.


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