Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DC Can See His Picture!!

I called DC today and they said they see his picture, and that he went to the Embassy yesterday. As of November all babies must make a personal appearance at the US embassy in Seoul. Jack has now done this so check this off his list! This is good news. It means that although we do not have any medical reports from Jack's RH consult, that he must not have any other standing medical appointments that will hold up his travel.
I will keep calling DC every day to see if they have scheduled is Visa Interview. Another family was able to see their daughter's pic for around 12 days before news of a Visa Interview. For others it was more like 24 hours. So we will see.
One other thing that may happen is called a class B waiver. Families are sometimes asked to sign this after their child has their visa physical. It states that there is a medical condition they want to be sure the family is aware of. No one knows whether or not they will end up with one. Some families get them for minor things, while other families who have children with greater needs sometimes don't. I think we may end up singing one because of Jack's back knee. If this happens it has to be signed and notarized and then sent back to Korea. Mail only goes out of Fridays from Holt in Oregon, so depending on when we find out if we need one, and when it is notarized and when it gets to Oregon, and sent to Korea on a Friday, then processed. It could add around 2 weeks. But it would be a total last step! Yet like I said... We may not need one, you never know, just wanted you to know about what is going on if we do need one. If we end up not needing one I will fill you in!

Since everyone likes to see some sort of picture on a blog I will show you my project for the day. Burp rags. I scored some new receiving blankets off Craig’s-list cheap and transformed them into a few burp rags. I have decided to just make 4. I don't think we will need too many but they will be good for possible drool, and a messy bottle mouth. Jack doesn't spit up according to his reports but I added a ring for chewing on attached through a button hole. He does have two bottom teeth so these may help with the rest!


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Nichole said...

We are thinking of you and hoping all this paperwork processes soon! We can't wait to meet the little guy when he's ready. Cute burp rags!