Thursday, December 3, 2009

The RH report finally showed up!

So this big Rehab report we have heard was done but were waiting to look at, came today.
I don't even know where to start... First of all good news! Jack is totally fine!
There were two things on Jack's WBC the back knee, which we assumed was what the doc's were concerned about since we were not at all familiar with it, and tip-toeing, which we were not very concerned about because many many babies tip-toe at this age and it doesn't mean anything until after they are walking and still doing this. So this although it can mean certain things, we were not worried about it since Jack was on target developmentally for everything else. Our Doctor was not worried about it either. So we didn't think they were. But like all have told me. They check into everything in Korea and keep their bases covered. So... because he was tip toeing, they sent him to an Rehab consult to be checked out.
On to the report. The report did not even mention the back knee. I take this to mean that it is really a non-issue kind of like we ended up assuming. They assessed many areas and Jack seems to do well at many things. He is crawling and sits up with no support. He is even said to have good balance.
The main sentences say. "When he stands with support he doesn't try to touch his feet on the bottom. But he can stand with slight planus.
Ok I had to look up the word Planus too. It means flat.
Here is the next, and last sentence of the report. "It doesn't matter clinically."
We translate this to mean... "No biggie." Yep after all that worry it is no biggie.
Of course we have sent it off to our doc just to be sure, but she wasn't worried to begin with.
Couple of fun Jack facts we learned from the report as well..
He can say two words. Uma which means mom. And the other is Uoooba. Uoooba means carry on back. Like it said in an earlier report "squeals with delight when carried on back" I guess Jack loves it so much it was his second word.
I just want to thank my friend Natalie who is lending me a very special carrier that can carry infants,toddlers,or preschoolers. I am sooooo going to need it to carry my 24 plus pound boy around! For those of you who are just now joining us. Jack is 8 months old. Yes he is big and we can't wait to see how heavy he is in person!!!

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Natalie said...

Your friend natalie better get off her butt and get that stuff together for you. :(

I can't believe carry on back was his second word. I think you are in serious trouble. :)

So good it's all no biggie though. All this for tip toeing, but when my poor baby has raging reflux, that is not detected/treated. Makes me crabby . . .