Thursday, December 31, 2009

What to expect.

We did learn a few things about Jack yesterday while out and about. He is super smiles with us... Flirt flirt flirt. When he saw others like at museums or on the subway who tried to get is attention or talk to him he froze and stared. He was overwhelmed on the subway and yesterday afternoon when we went to the national museum.
We know this is his behavior when he does not like something or when something is too much for him. Yesterday when he woke up in the moring John had on his glasses and didn't have on a shirt. Suddenly the daddy who he smiled and flirted and snuggled with the day before kind of scared him. He went from full on play fun mode, to shut down not moving snuggle with mommy mode.
From reading books we kind of see what may be going through his little head. Smiles and flirting with mom and dad is to say possibly I am cute and I am good don't leave me. Then the total opposite behavior for strangers out and about we know means he is scared. He doesn't know what is going to happen, he has been handed off to strangers by his Omma, who's to say it can't happen again at any point. You can tell he is worried and a little hyper vigelant when awake. Putting him in the carrier helps since he is not as easily passed off to someone and he knows it. But he still only gives strangers blank stares when in it and even won't smile for us when overwhelmed or in a large group.
His nose is still stuffy, diapers are improving texture wise but are still more frequent than his once or twice a day usual. He is also not eating as much as Omma said he does and takes a bottle better from dad right now than from mom. Mom got overtired last night and Jack was tired too so it was nice to have a daddy that could come to both our rescues.
Sorry about the pictures for the last posts. I have a ton of them but want to use my time getting rest instead of posting them all. They will get up at a later point. I have them all mostly on photobucket, but have to resize them all for the blog and we took a ton yesterday.
Love you all see you soon. Today is our airplane day!!


Lara said...

If you get a chance to look at the sky tonight, there's supposed to be a partial lunar eclipse. It's not visable here, but should be in
Asia. :)

MissJenn said...

Have a safe trip home. Love following your blog.