Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How did he sleep?

Well it is somewhere around 4 or so in the morning I belive. I needed a snack so that is why I am up. Jack was sleeping in the crib which just a tad smaller than he one we have a home. His Omma said he likes to move around at night and boy she wasn't kidding. Rollin over and back and crawling someplace to get comfy. He got smooshed up between the two sides of the crib in the corner and woke up at 12. Omma said he take bottles at night still so I was not sure if he wanted one so I made him one. He wasn't too hungry. But was so confussed we put him in bed with us but five minutes went by and he was still tossing and turning and trying to get confortable then he got upset. I think we were too much stimulation for him. But he let us know what he wanted. Uooba which means back carry. Instantly he relaxed and went out in less than 5 minutes again so we tossed the crib blanket and bedding on the floor where he slept fine until 3 when he stirred so I gave him medicine which he was due for, and was sounding a little stuffy. He doesn't care for the medicine and was pretty mad, but I gave him the bottle and he calmed down pretty quick, then he drank about 4 oz or so and then took out the bottle and I was able to lay him back down no problem. He was out. Everything seems pretty much like Omma said so far, except the bath thing, which one other family sent me a message saying the same thing happened to them and it just took time. Her bet was that he knows that is Omma's job just like we thought might have been the problem.
He is sound asleep now and even laughed in his sleep a few minutes ago. I can not believe it. Thank you so much for all the prayers, keep them coming. Pray that his cold and tummy troubles go away before the plane ride home.
We will see how the rest of the night goes sleep wise but I don't think it will be an issue. If I did I would be in bed sleeping right now instead of filling you all in.


choef said...

Inspired by the asain talk today we had to make a trip to the golden harvest. Not sure if it holds a cup of tea to your experience but all the food talk was driving us crazy.. We are excited to welcome Jack home and of course the both of you thank you so much for sharing the journey as you have it has been a challenge not to check the computer. lol. PS the girls have a date tomorrow to go see the chipmunks

Your brother chet.

choef said...

We went from just a movie to a sleep over b4 the movie tomorrow am. LOL brother chet. wish me luck...