Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jack's Tricks

We ended up staying in the hotel after getting Jack. Once he was asleep he napped 2hrs or more. Combining his usual 1 hour morning nap and 1 hour afternoon nap into one we believe. He has had a couple of boughts of saddness. His cry is very soft and very sad, but those are not long lived. We have had a few smiles too.
Once Jack woke up Daddy fell asleep for 2 hours leaving Mommy and Jack with some one on one time. Not sure when Mommy is going to get her nap. Jack was pretty calm but now is coming out of his shell after a whole day. He is into everything! He can push up to his feet no problem and from what I have seen is not to shabby at getting back down either. He got afraid a few times this afternoon and didn't want me to go farther than 4 feet or so from him. Even washing my hands after diaper changes he was sad. But I tried my best to assure him I wasn't going anywere and tonight has been much differnt. Well with daddy awake it helps. He isn't keeping a super close eye on me like he was when daddy was asleep.
John and I both were not excited about eating dinner. So we settled for some snacks from the convience store in the hotel. On the way down we looked at the Christmas lights. Jack excitedly grunted at them all saying "UHHHH" over and over. People standing by thought it was very cute. We headed up stairs and had a picnic in our hotel room. Jack had rice cereal given to us by HOLT for him. It is not like our rice cereal but has all kinds of things in it, it is still a mush but has veggies and meat and doesn't smell too good but he ate all that they said that he would which was quite a bit compaired to what my older kids used to eat. He also had about half a small banana. He also likes the gerber puffs we brought and we bought him a bag of potato sticks, the same snack he was eating at HOLT the first day we met him. I had a colbyjack cheese stick which was a softer cheese than I was used to, and bought a pack of saltine crackers which were harder than I was used to. I also enjoyed a snickers bar. John had a chocolate chip muffin. Here is a picture of our picnic food.

Jack had a couple boughts of dirreah today. One I barley saved from going up his back. Good thing I have some experience. Totally not a job for a first timer. Hope that the banana will help. He also enjoyed a cracker tonight.
Busy busy busy!!! He can pick up tiny things and can pull himself up so that means big brother and big sister have to put their toys up high expecially the ones they don't want to be chewed on. Everything goes in Jack's mouth.
Daddy got some full out giggles out of Jack tonight by copying the sounds Jack made when he coughed and doing his Donald duck wiggle voice.
We WILL be going out tomorrow. The only way to contain this little man is to carry him on our back. We will see how tonight goes as far as his sleeping and how sad he is not at home with his Omma but right now we are very busy trying to keep up with him. Dad is starting the bath for him now, one of his other favorites from what his reports said. I am hearing the same grunts that I heard when he saw the Christmas lights. I think he is excited!!!
Then again maybe not. Bathtime was a flop. Tears and all. We didn't wash his hair or anything. We thought it was maybe because he was in the tub alone but he was still not too sure when I went in with him. He was better but still not liking it. Maybe it was the diaper rash. Maybe he takes his bath in the sink, maybe it was too cold. Who knows. Note to others following me. Be sure to ask Omma about bathtime. It was supposedly one of his favorites. Yet maybe it just sent him down a sadness path because it is Omma's job and where is she? No way to know for sure what is in his little head. He is all dry now in his new jammies from his Omma having a bottle with dad. Poor guy. What a big day. Five minutes in the carrier on daddy's back and he was out. That was pretty easy woke a bit when we layed him in the crib but I just patted his back and he layed down. No tears or anything. Wow! We will see how long he sleeps. His Omma said he still wakes for bottles and he will need more medicine at 3am and a diaper change I am sure.

On our way down to buy munchies.
Upon our return to the room showing off his flexibility.
Our munchies of choice for the evening.
Getting ready for bathtime!
For all you worried about big babies from Korea, Jack is 25 pounds and 9 months. There is not much chub there. He is heavy but really not that big.
Just cute!!
Really cute!

In jammies ready for bed.


Nichole said...

He is so adorable! I love his smile. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

MissJenn said...

I'm in suspense! How did he sleep?
He is sooo cute! Thanks for giving us so many details. You know your friends on the bb are living vicariously through you!
Jen (Jenergy)

Natalie said...
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