Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We get Jack today for good!

I am feeling a bit nervous, excited, and scared. It is so hard to fathom that they are just going to give him to us and he is ours. No one will tell us what to or what not to do. All the decisions about his care will suddenly be up to us. Well I know first thing I am going to do is get some Triple Paste out for that diaper rash. It didn't seem like they were using anything on it yesterday. This is the stuff that takes care of that in a hurry. I happened to have a travel sample of it and knew to pack it. Ha, funny to think one of my first steps as a mom to Jack is to put on the diaper rash cream.
Depending on Jack and depending on the weather, we may try to go to a museum today or a palace. Both are very close to our hotel, and we are thinking an adventure out being carried on a back, (his favorite thing) may be a distraction opposed to being in a hotel room all day.
We pick him up at 10 and will venture back to the hotel first to drop off his medical folder of information and his HOLT diaper bag wich will have two cans of formula for us and two bottles. They know we packed diapers and a carrier so we won't be needing the ones they give other families who don't bring one.
We also brought him a winter hat and a columbia polar fleece snow suit and can't wait to see him all bundled up. He is a bit of a drooler cutting his top teeth so I am glad I brought a burp rag and some drool bibs, but worried about his little mouth getting chapped. We will just have to keep him burried under the blanket we brought. Well I guess he is used to being burried outside anyway.
We haven't decided yet if we are taking the subway back to the hotel or getting a taxi. Taxi's usually have no working seatbelts and forget about a car seat in Korea. It was supposed to snow here yesterday which it did for like an hour, just a dusting, but it was predicted 5-6 inches overnight. I do not see any additional snow out the window right now so maybe it didn't happen after all. Yet if it did snow we would probably avoid the taxi for sure. No snow plows in Korea, traffic is very dangerous when accumulating snow fall occurs. Honestly I would almost say traffic is dangerous anytime. Fast paced lane changes, lots of honking. And if you are walking across the street and a car is coming, you better run, because they may not stop. I do what I see other's doing and many Koreans are running to get out of the way.
What an adventure today will be! Not sure when I will get a chance to write about it but hopefully I will.

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