Monday, December 14, 2009

A few things, and a new dress for Barbie.

Doesn't seem like we are getting a call today, which is not so bad since we know we probably won't get to go until later anyway because of flights. I am going to a MOPS leaders Christmas party tonight and had to take some good jeans out of my suitcase. I was getting by with the ones with holes until TC. One week of that and the holes are too big now to wear them out in public so I unpacked a couple things to wear tonight. I had all the kids clothes laid out for this week when we thought we would be gone but started into Allie's piles since she has a couple Christmas themed outfits that need to be worn a few more times before Christmas comes and goes.
This weekend we put Jack's car seat in the car. Actually it is Allie's old seat and since she spilled some syrup on it last week it was a perfect opportunity to take it out and wash it and put it back in rear facing. This meant Allie got to move to her big seat in the back of the car and Ethan moved to the driver side. This did not excite Ethan. He came out to the garage crying about Allie eating his chex mix and then went into a full blown fit when he saw his seat had been moved. Of course it was nearing nap time as well. So I am sure this contributed.
We left the house this morning, all in new places, and no one was complaining. Ethan actually was trying to get a rise out of his older sister by stating that he was sitting in her spot. Little stinker.
We dropped Allie off at preschool and then I was looking forward to a trip to the chiropractor. Well we got there an hour before the doc, I guess my husband was confused because he told me 9am but that was only on Saturdays. So we left to kill some time. I was not horribly disappointed because my favorite thrift store is right down the street. So off we went. I got lots of good deals. An extra dress shirt for the trip. I want to stick with a black dressy theme so I do not have to pack brown dress shoes and I needed another top. I also scored some new boots for the trip. I was planning on bringing my black ones but they are not so comfy to walk in. I found some new looking leather suede ones that will work perfect for dress or for casual. These just may be the only pair of shoes I will have to bring on the trip which would be awesome since shoes are heavy and take up lots of room in a suitcase. I grabbed some last minute presents for the kids, not that they needed more, but they were on the list of things I had in my mind to look for at a thrift store so if I see them I buy them. Allie got a pair of brand new double blade ice skates. This means Ethan can wear the strap on double blade ones that she used the last two years. So we can all three skate this year. Dad will hang with Jack and watch us from the window. We may even have a change to use them before our trip maybe. I also got her a basket for the front of her bike to carry around her stuffed animal friends. That still had a tag on. Oh and an adorable Easter dress probably only worn once. Now I won't have to shop for one later this spring. She already saw that one and had to try it on and march around the house like a princess even grabbing her tiara. Thumbs up on that purchase. Don't worry, believe it or not I did end up leaving some things in the store although John may not think so.
The last thing I got will also teach you something about Korea. That is Barbie's new dress. I happened to spot in a bag of Barbie clothes a perfect outfit for Barbie. We only have one Barbie in our house and Allie has never been a fan. Of course Barbie has always been naked. We actually bought her because Barbie legs make great teethers and Ethan was all about chewing her legs when his new teeth were coming in. Allie was never a doll fan more of an action hero kind of girl. She loves her stuffed puppies and other animals, but dolls such as Barbies she describes as too girly. She would rather play with her Buzz Lightyear any day. Well Barbie got a dress today just like the one I promised to bring Allie home from Korea. One with rainbow sleeves. It is a traditional Korean dress called a Hanbok. Barbie has suddenly become Allie's best friend. At least for today. I am sure tomorrow she will be back to Buzz but today I have a girl who is actually playing with a doll! Here is Barbie in her new Hanbok.


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