Sunday, January 3, 2010

Airplane Day!

What was cool about our airplane day is that we got to celebrate New Years twice! We crossed the international dateline on the way home so althouth we left on New Years morning we got to hop back to New Years Eve while in the air since we crossed the international dateline. Kind of a fun fact!
There were three other adoptive families that we know of on the flight back from Japan. The other three families had adopted from China. We sat behind a family who had twin girls from China. They were 2. They were a handful!! But they did soooo good considering how scared they must have been. They didn't much care for the seat belts, and the fasten seatbelt sign was on a few times. There was much crying then.
Jack however did great! We were VERY VERY blessed in that the flight was no where near full, and we ended up with four seats all to ourselves. Jack was able to lay down and sleep on the two middle seats with us on the oustide. The two seats also gave him room to play when he was awake. He did sleep quite a bit. We were able to get the seatbelt around his little body so he wouldn't roll off the seat. Then we snoozed as well. It worked out great. All were happy and the flight home was super fast compaired to the the trip out. I would almost discribe it as enjoyable. I know I am crazy!
Packing the precious cargo.
Saying goodbye to Korea.
Chocolate cake to celebrate Airplane day. Well cake for mom and dad anyway.
Almost home!

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Susan said...

Welcome home and congratulations! Loved following your journey to Jack! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to you and your new family!