Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bedtime Was Awesome Today!

Let me first start by saying we had a major play session in the crib today to make it not so scary. All three kids hopped in and were jumping and climbing in and out. Tossing in stuffed animals and tossing them out again. I at one point took Jack out thinking he was overwhelmed with the wildness of it all, but no he wanted back in. Then I had the big kids get out and Jack just sat and played with a stuffed animal for a while and crawled around tossing some more animals out. Then stood up smiling looking at me laying in the bed next to him. So I got up and took him out. I think we may have made the crib a bit more fun and a bit less scary. So we will see...

Jack has always gone to sleep fast in the back carrier I don't think I have had to spend more than 3 minutes average, maybe 6 ever at the most in his room with him in a back carry and he is OUT. It is a great tool but I know we are not going to be able to use it forever, don't see myself Uooba with a 5 year old at bedtime. It is hard to get him from the carrier to the floor, or even harder carrier to the crib crib. He does well staying asleep but still awkward for me to get him there going solo. Well tonight at bedtime we sat down in the rocking chair with a bottle. We had had bathtime and he was wearing his PJ's from his Omma he was wearing under his clothes the day we picked him up. He drank his whole bottle making great eye contact then started doing handsigns. He usually does this when he wants me to sing. So I sang him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star one time through wiggling my fingers. He grabbed onto my thumb and pinky and began to sing too, baby style of course which is mostly an Ah with a few Da's and Ba's thrown in. Once I was done singing he kept singing away doing hand signs and looking right into my eyes. He sang and sang for over a minute smiling and kicking his feet. Then he yawned, still holding tight to my thumb and pinky again and closed his eyes and started to snore away!
No uooba tonight! Couldn't believe it! I rocked him a few more minutes just becaue it was so nice, then put him to sleep in the crib which is much easier to do from a cradle position then from a back carry position.
What an awesome bedtime. I had stared at his little hand stretched outwide while he was singing and thought about how fast it was going to get bigger. Made me sad to think about. I think I may remember tonight forever.

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