Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying to Get Healthy.

Before we left Korea Jack had dirreah which has cleared up but he is not quite back on his regular BM schedule. He has a diaper rash. The doctor in Korea gave us some diaper cream to put on it but I used what we brought instead. It turns out it is a yeast rash. That part must have been lost in translation. Then I would have used the cream he gave me. But now we have cream from our doctor and it is getting better. Our Doctor also was able to tell us that he has an ear infection, which I suspected, and a sinus infection, which from the green snot I also assumed.
Doctor said to head home and drug him up American style. So hopefully in five days we should be all better! He is still more smiles than crying. We got a tough kid! He has had a couple hard nights since he can't breath too well out of his nose. But was only up for two hours each night Saturday and Sunday nights. Last night was a little better. We found our blue ball snot sucker thingy and he is able to drink his bottle better.
He has been starting the night off in the crib and uses the crib for naps now instead of the floor. We had to up up a crib bumper we have, it is one with tulips on it, because he is so used to rolling round free on the floor at night he kept bumping into the hard sides of the crib and hitting something hard while sleeping is just no fun. But Jack has been co-sleeping with mom on the full-sized bed in his rooom once he wakes the first time at night.
He is fine with room temperature bottles but the room temp at night is just a bit too cold so we have resorted to putting the water filled bottles on the heat register so they stay toasty at night. Mom is still trying to figure out how to respond to Jacks cries in the night right away and make a bottle for him. Wondering if I leave him crying while I make the bottle, or respond and then end up fully waking him because I have to make the bottle while holding him. humm... We will figure it out.


MissJenn said...

I love your blog b/c these are the details I love to read about! Seriously! I had not considered the cry/respond/bottle vs. cry/bottle/respond dilemma. Let us know what you figure out! I also loved "the doctor told us to drug him up American style". lol. Hope the little guy is feeling much better soon!

Susan said...

Keep the great updates coming! Hoping I learn a thing or two before we have our little one home! Really appreciate all of your wisdom and for taking the time to post so much great info! Hope Jack's tush and cold clear up soon!