Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play Time!

Jack did some hard playing today. He met some new friends who came over to play. The one is three months older and born in Korea as well! Yet Jack has him beat in size I think. But not by a huge amount. We enjoyed our playdate and lunch and cookies they brought. Allie was not up for company I guess and got a bit snooty toward her friend. Ethan was feeling left out and actually went on the lunch run with my visiting friend.
Looks like a cold day again tomorrow so no MOPS. I am kind of bummed since John was going to take Allie to preschool and then spend time with Ethan while Jack and I took off for MOPS. But now no preschool, no mops, and I am sure John will go to work. Stuck at home again. Aside from a trip to the Doctor on Monday I have been in the house going on 5 days now. Not that I want to go out in this COLD COLD weather. Yet it is fun to see supportive friends. So I was thankful for our visitors today.
Ethan asked to get out the crawling tunnel tonight. All three kids had a blast crawling in and out of our 12 foot tunnel. Jack had a blast and was squealing and giggling the whole time. Will have to get it out tomorrow for some pictures.
I haven't been taking as many pictures or at least not sharing as many because of his cold. There are not many pictures without snot in them. His nose is like a faucet currently. Constantly wiping and putting stuff on his nose and cheeks to keep them from getting too chapped. The drool is extra bad to because of the teething and not being able to breath too well out his nose.
We have taken a few videos of him lauging, and doing actions to a Korean song he obviously learned before he came home but I knew what he was doing from somone posting it on youtube. He even tries to sing while doing it. So cute! We were sure to get a crawling video too.
I was very tired today. Because of his cold Jack snores LOUD!!! He didn't stay awake as long as usual at night crying last night but he got up an hour earlier. I wasn't able to sneak a nap today since the kids naptimes didn't line up today. Yesterday all three kids were sleeping at once! John however was able to work all morning at work, come home and listen in on a call while sitting at the computer with Allie, then had an hour nap. Not sure how he rates. Oh well.
Bathtime actually went well last night. I put him in about 2 inches of water by himself in our smaller bathtub. The kids were in the big bathtub in our bathroom at the time being supervised by dad. I think now that he is more familiar with me and of couse the toys in the tub probably helped, he actually didn't want to get out. I washed him and he was happy. I got him out to dry him and he kept trying to wiggle his way back to the tub. This was the second time we tried the bath since the first time didn't got well in Korea. Nice to know it is no longer a scary thing for him.
Smiles smiles smiles. He is so easy to smile and giggle during the day. He even flashed smiles for a whole group of nurses at the doctors office. He was snuggled into me at the time but he melted all their hearts. Warning, he is a charmer.

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